Scot McCloughan raises $2,000 in auction, sends half to team charity

Former Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan hoped to raise a few dollars. His auctioned items took in quite a bit more, with half of the proceeds going to a charitable foundation run by the team that fired him.

Two autographed Redskins hats were sold for a total of $1,000, with all the money going to the Redskins Charitable Foundation. A tan suit jacket that McCloughan often wore on game day raised another $1,000, with the money going to Northern Virginia Family Service.

The Redskins fired McCloughan on March 9, the first day of free agency, after two seasons with the franchise. Earlier this month, McCloughan's wife, Jessica, suggested he auction off two Redskins hats, including a camo one that he often wore at camp. McCloughan told radio station 106.7 The Fan that he thought it would be sold for a few dollars.

But once the auction picked up momentum, she suggested they donate the money to the Redskins charity.

Two fans purchased the items, according to The Washington Post. Justin Harvey, a 29-year-old Redskins fan, bought the hats and met with McCloughan for 90 minutes. Chris Matters, a 40-year-old fan, bought the jacket and will pick it up from McCloughan before he moves to Denver later this month.

"It's bizarre," Harvey told the Post. "But it was worth it, man. That's all I can say. It was definitely worth it."

Matters, who is 6-foot-3, told the Post he couldn't wear the jacket but wanted to display it along with other memorabilia he owns. Former 49ers coach Mike Nolan bought the coat for McCloughan when both were in San Francisco.