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Yu Darvish's year of magical thinking

It's been 20 months since Yu Darvish's last major league start. After Tommy John surgery, scandal and a change in approach, can he still be the king of K's?

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How the Red Sox are tearing it up offensively

Buster Olney lays out on-pace numbers for several of the Boston Red Sox position players to show how prolific the offense has been; plus today's links.

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Giants finding a way to win every close game

The offense hasn't been there, but the Giants are getting both great starting pitching and great defense. Stats & Info looks at their 14-game run.

Giants firing on all cylinders (1:45)
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Quietly, Steven Matz looking like Mets' ace

Less thunder than Thor. Less drama than the Dark Knight. Less hair than deGrom. Fewer home run heroics than Bartolo. Still, Steven Matz has more wins than anyone on the vaunted Mets staff.

Should the Mets consider trying Harvey in the bullpen? (1:27)
Darvish's return is extra boost for Rangers' rotation (1:49)
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The Big Three: Machado in same class as Trout, Harper

Mike Trout vs. Bryce Harper. That's usually where the discussion goes in a debate of MLB's best players. But there's a new superstar in their midst, and his name is Manny Machado.

Micah Phillips jumps for dad's fly ball out (0:20)
Toddler just wants a snack, not a souvenir (0:15)
Outside Baseball: Remembering Bochy's large helmet (1:53)
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How well do you know The 100-100 Club?

CC Sabathia won his 100th game for the Yankees on Friday. In another lifetime, he won 106 for the Indians. Think of the trivia possibilities! (Actually, Jayson Stark did think of them -- so come test your knowledge!)


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During the 1986 Red Sox reunion at Fenway Park, the intrepid Jonny Miller of WBZ asked Roger Clemens if he ever thinks about making the Hall of Fame. "I'm so past that, Jonny," Clemens replied good-naturedly. "But thanks for asking."

Baseball 'graver' savors morbid adventures

Meet Stew Thornley, the man with the most macabre hobby in sports. His idea of a "treasure hunt" is to visit and document the gravesite of every deceased baseball Hall of Famer. That's ... interesting

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Visit the graves of baseball Hall of Famers

Ever wondered what the grave site of Babe Ruth or Carl Hubbell might look like? Stew Thornley did the dirty work for you. Photos

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Best Undefeated Start to a Season Cubs History 1886 Jim McCormick 15-0 2016 Jake Arrieta 9-0 1967 Ken Holtzman 9-0

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Jackie Bradley Jr. (BOS): extends hitting streak to 29 games. Xander Bogaerts (BOS): extends hitting streak to 18 games.

A-Rod upstaged by minor league bat dogs

Alex Rodriguez may have homered during his short stint this week with the Trenton Thunder, but the real stars were the Double-A team's bat dogs. Derby steals show

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Giants: 9-0 vs Padres this season...Giants: 5th walk-off win this season (most in MLB)..Yankees loss snaps season-high 6-game winning streak

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OBP Leaders Ben Zobrist Cubs .453 Odubel Herrera Phillies .440 Dexter Fowler Cubs .436 Bryce Harper Nats .430

Golic calls Harvey 'selfish' for media snub

Mike Golic is critical of Mets pitcher Matt Harvey for blowing off the media and having his teammates answer questions on his behalf.


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Phillies have jumped out to a surprising 26-21 start -- despite the fact that they've actually been outscored by 31 runs.

Toddler just wants a snack, not a souvenir

This young Rangers fan was clearly hungry.


Jackie Bradley Jr. extends hit streak to 29

The Red Sox CF slapped a single to left field in the fourth inning against the Rockies to extend his hit streak.


Minor league manager no stranger to meltdowns

And it doesn't matter if it's stealing a base, chucking a rosin bag or disrobing at home plate.


Rangers rookie mashes monster homer

Texas' 15-9 win featured a mammoth, 453-foot blast by RF Nomar Mazara. It was the longest home run hit by a Rangers player this season.


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When you find out the report cards were mailed …