Which teams are left standing with a chance to win it all?

Welcome to my second annual presentation of 343 teams that will not win the national championship.

I'm happy to say this young feature already has the momentum of Gonzaga in November, December, January and most of February. I was 100 percent correct last year. None of the 343 teams I named won it all. I await your awed hush.

What's more, two teams from the group that I didn't name made it to the national title game (Villanova and North Carolina) and three made it to the Final Four (Oklahoma). Oh, and never mind that Michigan State pick. Nothing to see there.

My incredible one-for-one streak means it's all on the line this spring. I embrace the moment. In fact, you should prepare yourself for my breakout sophomore version of this now-hearty perennial.

Here are my selections for the 343 teams that will not win the national championship in 2017, broken up into three categories.