Fantasy baseball mock draft: 10-team roto

With news of how the humidor at Chase Field might impact hitting, how far did Paul Goldschmidt fall in our first mock draft? Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Practice makes perfect.

You've heard it so many times it's beyond just a cliche, but it's as true in fantasy baseball as it is in many other disciplines. You have to practice your craft as a drafter if you want the best results. That's what mock drafts are for!

Mocks are an opportunity to get a feel for how a real draft proceeds, as opposed to just staring down live draft results (otherwise known as average draft position, or ADP) numbers. You might know the sleeper pitcher you like has an ADP of 165, but that doesn't mean you can let your 150th pick pass by without grabbing him and expect to get him with your next selection every time.

How soon do you practically need to reach for that catcher? When should you draft saves? Where do positions fall off in terms of quality options? These are questions you can answer for yourself by mocking early and often as you prepare for your drafts.

In our first mock draft of the season, ESPN's cast of fantasy analysts and editorial staff took the first step toward being ready for their upcoming drafts with a 10-team roto draft using ESPN's standard 25-man roster.

Who went where? Check out the full results below. For our experts' thoughts on the draft, click here.

The drafters for this mock: Joe Kaiser, AJ Mass, Eric Karabell, Damian Dabrowski, Pierre Becquey, Todd Zola, Kyle Soppe, Tristan H. Cockcroft, Ben Arledge and Leo Howell.