RunAway set to take on GC Busan in APEX finals after ousting NC Foxes

The return of RunAway's Kim "Haksal" Hyojong ushered in highlight reel worthy Genji plays. Provided by Blizzard.

The stage is set for the finals of OGN Overwatch APEX Season 4 with the conclusion of the semifinals stage. RunAway took down the NC Foxes, sending it to face off with Lunatic-Hai for the third place match, while RunAway will dash right to the finals and take on the imposing newcomers, GC Busan.

  • Map 1: Ilios (Control)

  • Map 2: Numbani (Assault/Escort)

  • Map 3: Temple of Anubis (Assault)

  • Map 4: Dorado (Escort)

If someone had only caught the first game before tuning out, they would have thought that the series was going to be close. Ilios featured back and forth exchanges with RunAway ulitmately able to close out the map. However, you could say from there RunAway... ran away with it.

It feels necessary to point out that despite the fact that NC Foxes made it to the semifinals, its path there was not particulary arduou. It's group stage was easier and the team beat LW Red twice in the quarterfinals double elimination group stage to make it to the semis. This isn't to say that the Foxes don't deserve its spot in the semis, but rather to point out that there should be no surprise how badly they lost to RunAway, which proved its strength against the stronger teams in the tournament thus far.

On Numbani, NC Foxes weren't able to finish the map as Kim "Haksal" Hyo-jong's Genji took out NC Foxes' Park "Neko" Se-hyeon's Ana in the backline, preventing a Nano Boost to assist the team in securing the map. In return, RunAway bulldozed right through the defenses of its opponents like a wrecking ball shattering glass. With little time wasted, RunAway reached the end and captured the point with the assistance of an excellent Pulse Bomb from Lee "Stitch" Chung-hee taking out the Soldier 76 and the Zenyatta.

Temple of Anubis was just a mess as well, with RunAway capturing both points with over five whole minutes leftover, and holding NC Foxes off of point B. Dorado as well was a disappointing showing from NC Foxes, unable to make it past point B. Despite the valiant efforts of players like Kim "E1kiNo" Geun-hyeong doing his best on offense, sometimes successfully splitting the attention of RunAway's offense, it mattered naught as the more experienced team came out victorious with flying colors.

RunAway and GC Busan will meet in the finals on Saturday, Oct. 21, both teams having swept their semifinals opponents. Meanwhile, NC Foxes will attempt another shot at glory as it takes on former Champions of APEX, Lunatic-hai on Tuesday, Oct. 17.