Newcomers take swipes at the top in OGN Overwatch APEX

South Korean superstar Overwatch team Lunatic-Hai raises the OGN APEX Season 2 trophy in triumph in Seoul, South Korea. kenzi/FOMOS

OGN Overwatch APEX Season 3 ended the week with matches between well-established Overwatch teams dealing with challenges from newcomers with something to prove. In fact, both amateur teams, MVP Space and Mighty AOD, took a game off of both LW Blue and Lunatic-Hai but were unable to take a foothold in either series.

MVP Space, coming off a recent 3-0 sweep against Flash Lux, would finally be put to the test against a better team in the league, LW Blue. Early on it was clear that LW Blue's Park "Saebyeolbe" Jong-ryeol would shut Flash Lux down, showing speed and dominance over the first two maps of Nepal and Hollywood. Temple of Anubis, however, would be where MVP Space got to shine. Having already shown its prowess on Assault maps against Flash Lux, it beat LW Blue in the timebank stage with finely honed team play.

However, not every stage in an OGN format best-of-five format has multiple assault maps, which quickly allowed LW Blue to claim victory on Route 66. Even though it was relatively a one-sided victory, MVP Space can still make it out of group stages as both CONBOX Spirit and Flash Lux, the other two teams in Group C, are sitting at 0-1 and trail MVP Space in points.

Most expected the match between Lunatic-Hai and Mighty AOD to be a rout, as the amateur team AOD faced the reigning champions of APEX. But surprisingly Mighty AOD was able to steal the first map, Lijiang Tower, away from Lunatic-Hai. With a swift 2-0 victory there, many were shocked that the first map would be lost in such a manner, but this did not phase the reigning champions a bit. They persisted.

Lunatic-Hai brought down the hammer on Hollywood by holding AOD to two points, and then ripped the carpet from under AOD's feet on Temple of Anubis. The star Genji player for Lunatic-Hai, Lee "Whoru" Seung Joon, was a constant thorn in Mighty AOD's side. The coup de grĂ¢ce on Route 66 was a stellar defense from Lunatic-Hai, not allowing the amateur team to push the cart anywhere near as far as it did when it was on offense, securing LH's first place in the group stage thus far, and preventing its glory from being stolen by usurpers.