G2 Esports keeps the streak alive against Misfits

A perfect Game 1 from Zven helped G2 remain undefeated in the EU LCS. Provided by Riot Games

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The second match of Week 8, Day 2 of the European League of Legends Championship Series in Berlin on Friday featured the top two teams in Group A. G2 Esports was able to take down Misfits in a 2-1 victory, continuing G2's undefeated series streak.

The first game didn't see many kills in the first 30 minutes, despite both teams proactively finding objectives throughout the match. G2 (10-0, 20-5 game record) slowly, but surely, built up its gold lead. G2 found small picks on Misfits (7-3, 16-8), but the big break came at the 30-minute mark when a forced teamfight led to G2 ADC Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen recording a quadrakill. Soon after, G2 pushed into the Misfits base and put the game away to go up 1-0 in the series. Zven played methodically as usual, putting up a perfect 7/0/0 KDA (kill/deaths/assists) as Caitlyn.

The second match featured two new ADC picks in the EU LCS for the split -- Zven on Kalista, and Misfits ADC Steven "Hans Sama" Liv on Lucian. G2 jumped out to an early lead by out-farming and swiftly punishing overextensions by Misfits. Misfits started splitting up the members of G2 and won back-to-back fights, allowing Misfits to grab a gold lead and the first Baron of the game. G2 did begin to rally back into the game, but its hopes were crushed as Misfits simply outplayed G2 in the final teamfight to close the game and even the series at 1-1. Misfits was led by top laner Barney "Alphari" Morris, who put up a 2/1/10 KDA on Nautilus.

G2 came out in the third game looking far more proactive in terms of taking down objectives compared to Misfits, essentially dominating the early game. The only moment of weakness came when Misfits was able to steal away an Infernal Drake early on. After taking down two Barons, G2 was looking to close the game out until Alphari made a hero play, keeping Misfits in the game. However, things quickly turned back around as Misfits was nearly aced and gave up the Baron. That spelled the end as G2 was able to push into the base and close out the series 2-1.

G2 Esports will face off against Giants Gaming on Thursday, March 23 at 3 p.m. ET, and Misfits will take on ROCCAT on Friday, March 24 at noon ET.