Cloud9 and Misfits go to triple overtime in CS:GO NA EPL

Cloud9 defeated G2 Esports on Day 1 of DreamHack Austin but failed to take the win against Immortals. Provided by Alex Maxwell/DreamHack

The fourth week of the NA ESL Pro League Season 5 got off to a rough start on Tuesday after an Internet outage forced Tuesday's games to be postponed. However, Wednesday saw Team SK Gaming remain undefeated while Luminosity Gaming earned a perfect 4-0. Here is how the rest of Week 4 played out.

SK Gaming and Selfless kicked off the action Wednesday in a series that didn't go in Selfless' favor. Selfless got off to a great start in the first half with a 6-3 lead, however, SK Gaming came back to win six rounds of its own to take the lead 9-6 at the half. Selfless aimed for a rebound in the second but were blown out in seven rounds for a 16-6 Game 1 loss on Cobblestone. Cache saw yet another strong Selfless first half demolished by a late surge by the Brazilians. SK controlled the majority of the second half with a strong lead only allowing three rounds against them to pick up a 16-9 win in Game 2.

Team Liquid started their week off to a 2-0 start against Rush on Wednesday. Liquid steamrolled Rush in Game 1 on Cobblestone for a crushing victory 16-3. However, Rush had a better Game 2 performance on Overpass but fell short of a win 16-11. Liquid wouldn't make it four straight game wins however, as Renegades took down Liquid 16-8 on Thursday in Game 1. Game 2 was a neck-and-neck battle throughout, but Liquid was forced to forfeit due to an unknown issue as Renegades finished the week 2-0.

Luminosity had a big week, sweeping both Misfits and compLexity. Luminosity faced Misfits Wednesday, with the Misfits ending Game 1's first half up 9-6. However, Luminosity's offense was too much of a problem for Misfits as it raced away with a 16-13 win. Game 2 saw Misfits struggle in the first half, trailing the Brazilians 10-5 at intermission. While the second half looked promising for Misfits, its momentum dwindled as LG took Game 2, 16-10.

On Thursday, Luminosity found themselves in trouble during Game 1 against compLexity on Cache, down 11-4 at the half. Luminosity quickly erased the first half deficit, eventually coming all the way back to take Game 1, 16-14. LG rode the momentum into Game 2 and slaughtered compLexity, finishing the series sweep with a 16-2 win.

Cloud9 and Misfits finished Week 4 on Thursday with a nailbiting series. Misfits got the ball rolling in Game 1 as the team pounced on Cloud9 in the first half recording an 11-4 lead. However, Cloud9 returned the favor in the second half by winning 11 rounds to send the game into overtime. Misfits and Cloud9 remained neck-and-neck in overtime until Misfits finally pulled away for the 25-23 triple overtime win. Misfits never gave Cloud9 any room for error as it only allowed one round win in the second half of Game 2 to close out a stunning 16-4 win.

With Week 4 now in the books, SK Gaming remain undefeated with a perfect 10-0 record while Team Liquid and Cloud9 round out the top three. Week 5 will begin on Tuesday, March 21 at 8:00 PM EST.