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Confetti rains from the ceilings as SK Telecom T1 prepares to hoist the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational trophy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Provided by Riot Games

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North America

Team Stats: Cloud9 | CLG | Echo Fox | FlyQuest | Immortals | Phoenix1 | Team Dignitas | Team EnVyUs | Team Liquid | Team SoloMid

Week 3 recaps

NA LCS: Team SoloMid coming back to form as it takes a 2-0 over Team EnVyUs

NA LCS: Counter Logic Gaming and Phoenix1 trade blows, CLG comes out on top

NA LCS: Jensen bodies some fools, helps Cloud9 take a 2-0 over FlyQuest

NA LCS: Dignitas stays on top after a 2-1 win over Echo Fox

NA LCS: Dignitas tested, but P1 still winless

NA LCS: CLG goes the distance vs. FlyQuest

NA LCS: Immortals keep rolling by topping C9

NA LCS: Team SoloMid holds serve against outmatched Team Liquid

NA LCS: Echo Fox earns sloppy sweep over EnVyUs

NA LCS: Immortals continue resurgence in NA LCS


Team Stats: Fnatic | G2 Esports | H2k Gaming | Misfits | Mysterious Monkeys | Ninjas in Pyjamas | ROCCAT | Splyce | Unicorns of Love | Team Vitality

Week 3 recaps

EU LCS: H2K leads EU LCS after Vitality sweep

EU LCS: ROCCAT keeps NiP winless in EU LCS

EU LCS: Splyce nearly even with Unicorns of Love

EU LCS: Misfits withstand test by G2

EU LCS: ROCCAT completes improbable comeback against Fnatic

EU LCS: Vitality defeats Mysterious Monkeys in matchup of winless teams

South Korea

Team Stats: Afreeca Freecs | bbq Olivers | Ever8 Winners | Jin Air Green Wings | KT Rolster | Longzhu | MVP | ROX Tigers | Samsung Galaxy | SK Telecom T1

Week 4 recaps

LCK: Smeb leads KT Rolster to 2-0 over Cepted's Ever8

LCK: Bang and SKT drop ROX Tigers 2-0 in the LCK

LCK: Samsung Galaxy feasts upon bbq Olivers in 2-0 sweep

LCK: Afreeca Freecs storms back to defeat MVP

LCK: Ever8 Winners winless against Longzhu Gaming

LCK: SK Telecom T1 effortlessly sweeps Jin Air Green Wings


Team Stats: DAN Gaming | EDward Gaming | I May | Invictus Gaming | JD Gaming | LGD Gaming | Newbee | OMG | Royal Never Give Up | Snake | Suning Gaming | Team WE

Week 2 recaps

LPL: OMG dispatches LGD with ease in 2-0

LPL: Royal Never Give Up drops Newbee 2-1 in the LPL

LPL: Suning Gaming survives 2-1 against JD Gaming in the LPL

LPL: Snake Esports upsets Team WE

LPL: EDward Gaming pounces on Invictus

LPL: DAN Gaming overpowers I May

LPL: OMG defeats Suning Gaming 2-1 in the LPL

LPL: Newbee takes 2-1 victory over JD Gaming

LPL: I May? No, you may not, says EDG

LPL: DAN Gaming tames Snake Esports for 2-0 sweep


Team Stats: Ahq | Fireball | Flash Wolves | Hong Kong Attitude | J Team | Machi | Raise Gaming | Wayi Spider

Power Rankings

League of Legends global power rankings through June 13

League of Legends global power rankings through June 6


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Dissecting NiP's messy roster and Rift Rivals


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The Flame Chronicles No. 3: New split, new resolve

Cepted is the LCK's 'super rookie' to watch

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Past Recaps

Week 3 recaps

LCK: Samsung grabs sloppy 2-0 over Ever8 in the LCK

LCK: Faker, Blank help bring SK Telecom to life against Afreeca Freecs

LCK: Jin Air Green Wings cooks bbq Olivers

LCK: Longzhu quickly dispatches MVP

LCK: KT Rolster bounces back to beat Samsung Galaxy

LCK: Afreeca Freecs holds on to defeat ROX Tigers

LCK: Olivers pick up first win over Ever8

LCK: SK Telecom T1 sweeps MVP

LCK: Longzhu sweeps ROX in under an hour

LCK: KT flies past Jin Air

Week 2 recaps

NA LCS: TSM hands rival CLG first defeat

NA LCS: Streaks collide in Liquid vs. Dignitas

NA LCS: FlyQuest breaks through vs. winless Phoenix1

NA LCS: Cloud9 shows diversity in sweep of Echo Fox

NA LCS: Liquid's troubles continue as Envy takes a 2-1 victory

NA LCS: FlyQuest remains grounded as Immortals take a 2-1 win

NA LCS: Team Dignitas serves Team SoloMid its second loss

NA LCS: With Grigne in for Akaadian, Echo Fox drops to Counter Logic Gaming

NA LCS: EnVyUs stops Immortals in the NA LCS 2-0

NA LCS: Cloud9 bounces back to sweep Phoenix1

EU LCS: Unicorns of Love stampede H2K

EU LCS: Splyce dispatches Mysterious Monkeys in clean sweep

EU LCS: Unicorns have no love for Monkeys

EU LCS: Splyce sweeps winless Team Vitality

EU LCS: Fnatic dethrones G2 Esports

EU LCS: Misfits earns first win over Ninjas in Pyjamas

LCK: MVP unable to even dent KT Rolster

LCK: bbq Olivers are fodder for ROX Tigers

LCK: Faker gets the best of Cepted as SKT dominates Ever8 in 2-0 sweep

LCK: Afreeca Freecs stall to victory

LCK: MVP implodes against Samsung Galaxy

LCK: SK Telecom survives skirmish with Longzhu 2-1

LCK: Jin Air walks over Ever8 for a victory in the LCK

LCK: Mata helps KT Rolster outlasts ROX Tigers 2-1

LCK: Afreeca Freecs can't hold on against Samsung in the LCK

Week 1 recaps

NA LCS: Echo Fox dismantles Team Liquid to finish 4-0 in the NA LCS after Week 1

NA LCS: 'No fly zone' for FlyQuest in loss against Dignitas

NA LCS: Envy go the distance against Phoenix1

NA LCS: Immortals hit the ground running against TSM

NA LCS: Team Dignitas edges out Envy

NA LCS: Team SoloMid prevails over Cloud9 in spring finals rematch

NA LCS: FlyQuest crashes against Echo Fox

NA LCS: FlyQuest crashes against Echo Fox

NA LCS: Immortals stay alive against Phoenix1

NA LCS: CLG lives up to the hype against Cloud9

EU LCS: Ninjas in Pyajamas fall to Fnatic

EU LCS: Mysterious Monkeys unimpressive against H2K

EU LCS: Makeshift G2 Esports lineup takes down ROCCAT

EU LCS: Vitality outfought by Unicorns in easy sweep

EU LCS: H2k starts summer on the right foot in sweep over Splyce

EU LCS: Rekkles leads Fnatic to easy win over Misfits

LCK: No surprises as SKT sweeps bbq Olivers

LCK: Ever8 sweeps MVP

LCK: Samsung Galaxy stay steady against ROX Tigers

LCK: KT Rolster shaky in win over Afreeca Freecs

LCK: Jin Air tames ROX Tigers

LCK: Longzhu continues impressive start in win over bbq Olivers

LCK: Samsung Galaxy dominant in sweep over SK Telecom T1

LCK: Ever8 falls in LCK debut against Afreeca

LCK: Longzhu debuts three new players with success against KT Rolster

LCK: MVP kicks off summer split with win over JAG

Recaps - Week 1

LPL: IG spoils I May's hopes in the LPL

LPL: Team WE wastes no time in quick 2-0 over DAN

LPL: EDG charms Snake in 2-0 sweep

LPL: OMG grabs a 2-1 win as JD Gaming tries out different lineups

LPL: Newbee wins over Suning Gaming in two and a half hour series

LPL: Royal Never Give Up picks up first win by taking down LGD

LPL: DAN Gaming sweeps EDward Gaming 2-0 in the LPL

LPL: Team WE takes out Invictus Gaming in hard fought 2-1 match

LPL: LGD kicks off summer split with strong win

LPL: OMG shocks RNG in clean sweep