Best Week 2 NFL Eliminator picks

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2017 Eliminator Challenge. For those not familiar, it is a free game on ESPN.com in which you pick one NFL team each week to win its matchup. If your team wins, you move on to next week. If your team loses, you're out. There's only one catch: You can pick each team only once.

To determine the best picks each week, I lean heavily upon ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI). For more on how FPI is calculated, click here and here. I also look at the pick percentages for each team on the ESPN Eliminator Challenge page to see which teams the majority of fans are picking. Although the chalkiest picks are usually among the best ones, sometimes there is value in fading them and hoping that a high percentage of your pool is eliminated.

Some weeks, it's difficult to narrow down the right choice in Eliminator. Last week, two of the four biggest FPI favorites -- New England and Houston -- lost, and several teams saw double-digit percentages of selections in Eliminator.

This is not one of those weeks. Out of the 256 games in the NFL season, only three feature an FPI favorite of at least 89 percent. Two of those games are this week