Seahawks would like more than seven picks, but trading isn't easy

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seahawks enter the first round of this year’s NFL draft a bit thin on picks, at least by their standards. Seattle has seven picks, which is the standard amount, but the team hasn’t made fewer than eight selections under general manager John Schneider and has averaged nearly nine and a half in the seven drafts he’s overseen.

During his annual pre-draft press conference Monday, Schneider was asked if having seven picks changes anything for the Seahawks.

“We'd like to have more,” Schneider said. “More is better depending on the draft. It changes the way we try to strategize because you're not picking all the way through the draft.”

Five of the Seahawks’ seven selections are in the first three rounds, including three third-round picks, two of which are compensatory picks. But the Seahawks don’t have a pick in either Rounds 4 (traded last year) or 5 (forfeited for OTA violations). Schneider joked that it was “a little punch in the gut” when a reporter reminded him of that.

While he likes having so much draft capital at the top, Schneider said it doesn’t sit well to not have a fourth- or fifth-round pick.

“You want to have picks all the way through,” he said before referring to the Browns, who have a league-high 11 selections. “You kind of look at Cleveland’s board like, ‘Dang, it’s awesome.’”

The Seahawks have made 12 pick-for-pick trades on draft day under Schneider, eight of which have entailed moving back. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they make another deal this year to recoup a selection in the fourth and/or fifth round, especially now that teams can trade compensatory picks.

But Schneider said that’s easier said than done.

“You can strategize on it all day long, but it's still not as easy to move around as people would anticipate,” he said. “It's not like [the movie] ‘Draft Day,’ where they’re just moving all around.”

More draft notes from Schneider:

Schneider reiterated that he doesn’t consider this year’s draft class to be as deep as last year’s, saying: “Last year, it just looked really thick all the way through. This year, there’s just a couple different gaps. That’s just for us. I’m not sure if it’s for every other team. We scout for our team and not for the league. So it’s just based on what our needs look like, and there appears to be more gaps in there. More so than last year, but to say previous years, not necessarily. There always are some ledges in there.”

Schneider said Seattle’s draft board is set for the most part. “There’s some tweaking going on. We’ll have a medical meeting tomorrow night, so there’s some stuff that happens there where we have to pull some people off or we’re able to get some guys back from the previous medical meeting that had the rechecks at Indianapolis,” he said. “So it’s kind of tweaking a little bit by round like that, but it’s not anything significant unless something pops up off the field where we have to completely pull somebody off.”