Eagles receiver Bryce Treggs to appeal $25K fine, calls for change to system

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Bryce Treggs told ESPN he plans to appeal the $25,000 fine for his high hit on Green Bay Packers defensive back Damarious Randall during Week 1 of the preseason.

He also called for a change to the system that accounts for a player’s salary when deciding on a fine amount.

“Absolutely. Come on, now. I make [$450,000]. After taxes, cut that in about half. Then you have to pay your union fees, which are about $16 grand. You’ve got to pay agent fees, which are about $14 grand. The take-home income that a league-minimum player makes is not as much as people think. People see the $450,000, but they’re not smart enough to put it in their mind that taxes do exist. So people on Twitter talking reckless and stuff like that, they have to do their research; taxes do exist.”

The issue spilled over to social media when Treggs vented about receiving the fine on Tuesday.

  • I made league minimum last year and I just got fined 25K. I'm starting a gofundme to pay it.

    — Trigga Jones (@BryceTreggs)

Randall, who suffered a concussion as a result of the hit, fired back.

Treggs said that the two have not communicated any more since the incident.

“He’s obviously feeling some type of way so I’m just going to drop that and let that go,” said Treggs. “When stuff like that happens I normally leave that on the field, so I’ll leave it at that.”

Randall took a shot to the head as Treggs went high with a block during a 3-yard LeGarrette Blount run in the first quarter.

Treggs noted that the run was to his side of the field, and his assignment on the play was to block Randall. While it ended up being a high hit, Treggs says there was no malicious intent.

“I just know that they need to keep in mind that there are guys in training camp -- there are 90, they’ve got to cut down to 53 -- there are tons of guys on the roster bubble fighting for a job,” he said. “When you put it that way and think about the intention of that person, he’s not really trying to injure anybody or hurt anybody, he’s just trying to go out there, put some physical play on film and hopefully earn a job.”