Martellus Bennett: 'Educational video' a waste of players' time

Martellus Bennett doesn't like the idea of the NFL telling him the right way to celebrate during a game.

The Green Bay Packers' tight end wrote several tweets voicing that displeasure Wednesday in response to NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent's saying the league is developing an educational video on the topic that it plans to show players.

Vincent tweeted Tuesday that the video would "show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations."

Bennett, for one, believes the league would be better off spending money on a different type of training video.

He went on to blast the league for not promoting its players like the NBA does.

ESPN's Kevin Seifert reported earlier this week that one of the items on next week's agenda for the NFL competition committee is allowing referees more flexibility to warn players about borderline celebrations without penalizing them for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Although no formal rule change would occur, the league will emphasize to referees that it wants players to engage in spontaneous celebrations, as long as they are not prolonged or excessive. There were 30 such penalties in 2016, a small number that drew an outsized reaction from fans and media members.

Vincent, a former NFL player, tweeted Wednesday that he has "full appreciation" of the "spontaneous nature of celebrations" and reiterated that there will be no new rules, just the pursuit of "clarity and consistency for both the official and the player" regarding the oft-discussed topic.