Chad Johnson: Roger Goodell 'asked my advice' on NFL's new TD-celebration rule

Motive for Goodell mending relationship with players? (1:55)

With a CBA negotiation on the horizon, NFL Live dissects whether there's a motive for Roger Goodell easing penalties on touchdown celebrations. (1:55)

Chad Johnson, known for his post-touchdown antics, potentially was one of the reasons the NFL took a sterner stance on player celebrations in the past few years.

Now the former Cincinnati Bengals star says he's one of the reasons the NFL announced a looser policy on celebrations this week, allowing the players to have more fun by bringing back group celebrations and using the football as a prop.

Johnson, a guest on the "B-More Opinionated!" podcast this week, said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sought his advice before the league's rule-change announcement.

Johnson joked that he was the only player in the NFL who had Goodell's number on speed dial and said they talk regularly.

"I knew the rule change was coming; I had talked to Roger a couple of times at length, maybe two or three times before the rule change came out," Johnson said. "He asked my advice on what he could do to be able to loosen the reins on the celebration rule but, at the same time, maintain the respect of the game.

"I said there's a fine line and you have to find a way to find the balance and be able to let the players have fun and be themselves without losing the integrity of the game as well."

Johnson laughed when asked about the reaction of Bengals coach Marvin Lewis to the rule change. Lewis said he is "not for that at all," when asked about the lenient celebration rules, saying that the new standard is "not a very good example for young people."

"Listen, if it was a team game, which it is, because there are 11 people on the field, then all 11 players should be paid equally the same," Johnson said.