Will Mike Tolbert vulture touchdowns from LeSean McCoy?

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Even prior to the Buffalo Bills' surprising release Sunday of running back Jonathan Williams, fantasy-related questions lingered about LeSean McCoy's potential scoring this season.

McCoy is projected by ESPN Fantasy to score 7.4 rushing touchdowns this season, down from his total of 13 last season. Mike Tolbert, a bruising 250-pounder whom the Bills signed in March, is expected to add 3.5 rushing touchdowns of his own. Tolbert has 33 touchdowns over his eight-year NFL career, highlighting his value near the goal line.

So how does McCoy feel about the chance that Tolbert steals touchdowns from him this season?

"I'm not sure. I hope I get more [goal-line carries] than he does," McCoy said with a smile Wednesday. "But one thing I've learned is you can't be too selfish. Obviously I'm going to get a bunch of the load of the carries. But he's a bigger, stronger, more physical runner than I am. It is what it is. So if he has times where he needs to get the short yardage, I'm sure he will get it. But there's going to be times where I'll be in there. So hopefully that will balance it out. But that's more for the coaches. They'll work that out. I got stuff to really worry about.

"But now, if I go all the way down the field [and] at the 2-yard line they take me out, I think [Coach] Sean [McDermott] might give me a bone and let me get it. So we'll see."

Earlier Wednesday, McDermott said he would play McCoy on "every snap" if it meant winning the game. McCoy later said, "I'm with that," and added that he is "always up for a challenge," though he acknowledged, "I am human."

If McCoy is not on the field, the Bills are expected to turn to Tolbert.

"My whole career my role has pretty much been the same," Tolbert said Monday. "Playing goal line, short-yardage back, spelling guys when they need to be spelled, playing fullback, special teams. I don’t expect it to change too much."

Beyond Tolbert, the Bills have two special-teams-oriented players in Joe Banyard (23 carries in four NFL seasons) and Taiwan Jones (44 carries in six seasons). However, McDermott is not discounting the possibility either could take snaps when McCoy is on the sideline.

"It’s a little bit by committee," McDermott said Monday. "We’ve got Mike Tolbert and we know what he’s done. I’ve been around Mike and he carried the ball well in Carolina and he carried the ball well, we felt like, in the preseason. And then with what Joe did and Taiwan [did], we’ve got kind of different body types, if you will. All bring something a little bit different to the table."